Care and support program for PLHIV: Community Care Centers    Prerana has been implementing comprehensive care and support packages for PLHIV in  Kathmandu, Rupendehi, Kapilvastu and Dhanusha districts of Nepal with the funding support from  UNDP and UNODC. Prerana initiate partnership with UNDP in 2006 to expand this work. To date  PLHIV from more than 25 districts have accessed services from Prerana's community care centers.  Major services available for PLHIV from the community centers are:   Food and accommodation to PLHIV, who do not have support during their treatment period   Provide treatment support for the management of opportunistic infections and basic treatment  support   Provide counseling/psychosocial support to PLHIV focusing on HIV & AIDS and related services  and capacity building on home based care for PLHIV   Provide referral services for CD4 count, ART, CD4, viral load and advanced treatment and care to  the relevant service providers focusing to government health facilities and hospitals including travel  support for needy cases    Provide income generating and livelihood support to PLHIV through coordination and networking  with stakeholders and government agencies.  
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