SAVE THE YOUTH On FACE OF HIV & AIDS   Prerana has been implementing the HIV and AIDS youth awareness and prevention program targeting  the youth in Kathmandu Valley’s schools and communities. The program has been continuously  implemented since July 2005 and one of the longest programs of our organization. The program  targets the secondary and higher secondary level students and youth aged 15-35 age in the  community. The project also includes HIV/AIDS training and information for health and social subject  teachers for regular dissemination of the learning to the students. Education to community leaders,  mother group leaders and other community people were also included as a part of the project. Street  drama shows and distribution of handouts and IEC materials are also carried out for the  wider  dissemination of HIV & AIDS information to the larger community.   Key Activities under the project are:   Sensitization training to youths on HIV & AIDS Sensitization training to teachers, school management, community leaders, health personal and  mother group leaders  Creative youth led activities for the wider dissemination of HIV & AIDS such as drama show, drawings,  poem, songs, writing, essay writing etc. and disseminations  Distribution of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials and HIV & AIDS information  through local radios   
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