HIV & AIDS awareness, Prevention, treatment care and support program for Migrants and  their families Prerana has been implementing a project targeting Labor Migrants, their spouses and the community  in Argakhanchi district since Feb 2009.The project has been operating on peer based education  dissemination approach. Thirty trained peer educators are mobilized for the regular behavior Change  Communication (BCC) outreach in 20 Village Development Communities (VDCs). Sensitization and  orientations program take place targeting migrant communities, mother group leaders, community  leaders and the general community. Two HIV & AIDS related Information and Communication Centers  (ICC) are operating in Balkot and Pokharathok VDCs. Since Feb 2010 Prerana has also been  operating the VCT centre in Balkot which is the central point of the working area and regular VCT & STI  services are provided. Due to geographical difficulties the mobile VCT clinic are organized to increase  access of migrant communities in remote areas according to need.   Key Activities under the program are:   Behavior Change Communication and outreach through mobilization of Outreach team and 30 peer  educators. Community Sensitizations/ orientations to community leaders, teachers, health personnel, traditional  healers and mother group leaders and observation of Days and Events.  Operation of  HIV & AIDS Information and Communication centers.  VCT & STI services.  Distribution of Condoms and IEC materials.  Events for wider dissemination of HIV & AIDS information Support to identified PLHIV to access treatment care and support services through referrals. Dissemination of information through local FM radios, news paper and wall painting etc. 
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