Community based care and support program for Children Affected By AIDS (CABA)  Prerana is one of only a few organizations that have been implementing care and support program for  HIV infected and affected Children since 2008 in Rupendehi and Kapilvastu districts. The program  (funded by Family Health International (FHI)/ ASHA Project is a community based intervention  strategy to reach the targeted children within their own community in order to meet their health and  social needs. The project has been providing child focused services based on their needs. The  program has been able to the  provides access to care treatment and support services to infected and  affected children. This includes regular outreach services, through clinic, doctor visits for management  of OIs and basic treatments and care, child-friendly Drop in Center and capacity building of parents for  home-based care for CABA. In addition to these the project also focuses stigma and discrimination  reduction activities in the community and schools to ensure their access to the health services and  education in their own community. Key activities under the project are:   Outreach services to CABA and their parents   Clinical services through the provision of essential package care clinic and children friendly Drop In  Center (DIC)     Referrals for treatment, care and support services within and outside the district   Stigma and discrimination reduction activities in the community and schools such as training and  competitions on quiz, drawing etc and training to teachers to create enabling environment in schools   Care givers training to parent/ care givers of CABA  
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