Prerana is the first organization to be established by People Living with HIV & AIDS in Nepal. It has been  implementing HIV & AIDS awareness and prevention programs targeting to youths, migrants, prisoners and  other Most at Risk Populations (MARPs). It also provide treatment care and support services to People  Living with HIV & AIDS (PLHIV) through the support from National and international funding agencies  include; UNDP, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Family Health International (FHI),  Global fund and the Mercury Phoenix Trust UK.  In the past PRERANA’s strategic intervention has been through the use of hotline services, first of its kind  in Nepal, for the HIV & AIDS awareness, prevention and reduction of stigma and discrimination among  various sub-groups of the community. Apparently, Prerana Provides care and support to PLHIV, advocating  for their rights, and HIV & AIDS awareness and prevention program outreaches to the community targeting  Most At Risk Populations (MARPs) and general community people. Prerana was the first organization to introduce treatment care and support services to PLHIV in Nepal in  1998 with the support from SNV Netherland Development Organization, Nepal. To date Prerana has been  continuing treatment care and support to People living with PLHIV in Kathmandu and other districts of the  country. Prerana carryout strategy planning work shop with beneficiaries, staff, board and key stakeholders and set  the following strategic directions for 2010-2015:  Vision  An environment where PLHA’s can access treatment care and support, and HIV&AIDS prevented.  Mission  To contribute towards prevention of HIV and AIDS by creating awareness among the general community  and ensuring quality life for PLHAs.  Goal To mitigate the transmission of HIV and AIDS among the most at risk groups and the general community,  design and implement comprehensive package of treatment, care and support for PLHA’s by means of  referrals and care support linkages with other service providers.  Objectives  To create awareness on the spread and prevention of HIV and AIDS, and support to health services.  To provide social and economic support to people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS to restore  their dignity and quality life.  To provide a holistic continuum of treatment, care and support services for PLHA.  To strengthen the organizational technical capacities to plan and design program that is tailored for  the circumstances of a particular target groups and Community.  Build strategic and multi-sectoral partnerships with government agencies, donors, Health and  Educational institutions and the Community to foster collective action, maximise resources and build  consensus in addressing the HIV and AIDS epidemic.  To advocate for legal and property rights of women and children infected and affected by HIV and  AIDS. Organisational Norms and Values  To guide Prerana’s work, we shall value the following:  We value having respect for each other.  To believe that every person must be able to exercise his or her fundamental rights.  To maintain confidentiality at our work.  Teamwork, which helps us to address issues at the right time. Transparency and accountability to achieve a positive and lasting change.  Target Group, Program Focus and Future plan   The primary target group of Prerana are;  PLHA’s, their children and other family members.  Drug Users, their Families, Youth and Community people.  Migrant and their families.  Other prospective target groups for intervention include; Men who have sex with other Men and  Commercial sex workers.  Program Focus:  Treatment care and support for PLHIV  HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention  Livelihood program for PLHAs and their families  Legal and property rights/Social empowerment  Capacity building for staff and Community  Copyright © 2011, Prerana PO Box 23278 | All Right Reserved