Message from the Chairperson In its 14th years of committed service delivery in the HIV/AIDS sector, Prerana continuous to explore different  innovative ways of meeting the needs of People Living with HIV (PLHIV). The organization continues to grow  within and environment with political, social, and economic challenges. Prerana has done this by harnessing its  decade-plus+ experiences in proper planning, program expansion and establishment of several useful partnerships.  We have progressed from a small PLHIV-led NGO to working in a larger arena in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Progress achieved has been possible through sharing experiences among different stakeholders and establishing  partnerships. The learning from these partnerships havse been integrated back into the institutional capacity  building process of the organization to strengthen sustainability of our services. In the past year, we have been able  to provide various need-based services on HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, care and support for PLHIV  throughout Nepal. We have also learned from the challenges along the way, which has made us stronger and  capable of delivering more relevant services to our target groups. In order to fulfill our organization's objectives we  have constantly reviewed and reflected on our strategic  plan as the best way forward to stay in focus with the 'vision' of Prerana. As we continue the fight against  HIV/AIDS in Nepal, we have identified many challenges to overcome such as; stigma and discrimination,  difficulties in provision of outreach services due to hilly geographical physical features, and access to treatment for PLHIV in most parts of  country. Prerana, at present, and in the future, focuses on reduction of stigma and discrimination, and ensuring PLHIV can access appropriate  treatment including HIV-infectedto mothers and child transmission. This year Prerana has made efforts towards initiating major livelihood  projects for the PLHIV, where they will be supported in gainful social and economic Income Generating Activities (IGAs) that can support  them. This is part of the efforts to effectively meet the needs of Prerana's beneficiaries through varying approaches and methods.   I'd like to conclude b expressing my gratitude to our donors, partners  especially to HIV/AIDS PMU at UNDP-Nepal, DFID, UNAIDS,  USAID/FHI, UNODC, VSO-Nepal, The Global Fund, Family Planning Association of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health and  Population, NCASC, HIV & STI control board for their support and cooperation in making our services for the PLHIV and other MARPs  accessible. I'd also like to give my heart-felt thanks to all the Board Members and staff of Prerana for their continued dedication, support and  team spirit.  All your contributions have brought us this far in meeting the needs of PLHIV in Nepal. I am sure that together we will continue to score great  successes as we move forward together. Asha Chettri  Chairperson  
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